Sunday, July 1, 2012


Lost back in the archives of my blog are the Easter pics!  My little men in their pink...they were a total hit!  The big kids are growing amazingly fast, too fast and my little Ruby Jay was a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e in her Easter dress, especially bending over to pick up her eggs.

Grandma Audrey The Easter Bunny hid color coded eggs all over Grandma's house.  Each kid had a color and you could not tell the others if you found one of their eggs.  Of course the eggs were hidden with a difficulty level based on the child's age.  Or so we thought.  We had more fun watching Grandma A watch the kids hunt for was priceless!

It was really cold on Easter, hence her red little nose...but it was a great day spent with family.  We went to church in the morning where I led the kids in a bell routine and then headed home for our Easter egg hunt. 
We ate out at Ray at Mom and Dave's for lunch.  Deb's was so sick that it was hard to watch but she did manage to get herself ready and then lay on the couch until a 6 hour ride home!  YUCK!

We left Ray early afternoon and headed out to Loman for supper.  Casey had made us supper and we enjoyed another egg hunt.  Ruby's first!  The boys loved shouting to her the location of another egg!

Shelby Lynn...just shy of turning 13 in this picture...

4 of these pictures of Debs kids became a collage for her Mother's Day present.  They are just getting too big...but not too big to let their auntie capture some great pics of them being who they are.

Another great weekend spent with family...

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