Monday, April 9, 2012

Go Blue Pics and Results

Here is the link for the pictures of Go Blue Friday and the Results.  Thanks again to all who donated!!
Thank you to everyone who contributed money to this worthy cause!
Each of you who donated helped light up awareness for autism.
We raised a whopping $478 in just two days!  You should be very proud of yourselves.  Here are the standings of how the donations break down.

Brian Mathews $7
Dr. Stone $97
Dr. Heuer $58
Laurie Whitfied-Trautlein $126
Margaret Hyatt $121, but Becky tossed in another 5 to force it to a tie
Robyn Pelowski $19

And in honor of her grandson Garret, who has Aspergers, a family member of mine donated $50 to United for Autism…

Dr. Stone was stalling this morning at the Clinic (ahem…with a patient) so we were able to coerce Dr. Heuer to get his hair dyed first.  They tie at the hospital was just too perfect, for the two women that raised the most money.  We couldn’t possibly let just one have all the glory.

Thank you to all of our volunteers.  Your willingness to put yourself out there for one day to raise awareness for autism is truly inspiring!  THANK YOU for being such good sports!

I had wanted to raise awareness in honor of Gwen and Griffin Sirotiak.  Lisa Sirotiak, a former RN here at RLMC, moved her twins to the metro area to help them with their struggles with autism and help them thrive in what they excel at.  Lisa is one of my best friends and she is one heck of a woman...she doesn't feel strong, but daily somebody tells her she is and that she is a great mom...which she is. She is so very brave for taking this leap with her kids and putting them first. It's hard on everybody around her. She left her family, friends, house, job, and put her kids and their health at the top of her list. She is organized, emotional, tenderhearted, strong willed and AMAZING!

Thank you again for helping a great cause!

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