Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boys will be boys

The Joys of Boys!

What we thought would be stitches ended up being glue.

Last Friday I was just sitting down to eat my supper and heard the scream, the cry, the running up the stairs and the reasons behind why what happened, happened. 

I told Bear to take Parker and hear his side of the story as I cuddled an upset Emmitt...I asked where it hurt and he pointed to his forehead...then I lifted up his hair to see the spot and simply said, "oh my, you are going to need stitches" and out the door we went.  Parker started telling Emmitt that he was sorry and that he loved him and of course to be brave!  "It won't hurt at all, buddy".

While we were assessing the damage to his head wound, we did end up hearing the story from both boys.  They were playing with the big blue exercise ball and Emmitt ended up taking a hit in the back with the ball which then threw his body forward and his forehead caught the surround sound speaker.  Amazingly the wound did not bleed that bad and he seemed otherwise fine. 

When we got the the ER, one of the registration girls asked (in a very routine manner)...cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting?  Nope, I replied, just needing a few stitches.  And we managed to be the first in the triage 6 other groups of people came in the door behind us with the cough, fever, sore throat crud, we have managed to fight off.

Well, Dr. Knaak came in and took a look and said we were gonna glue it with Dermabond.  I immediately said nope, stitch it.  We went back and forth a bit, I hate glue.  The Dremmel twins have had their fair share of glue to stitches and the ratio always favors stitches.  My argument was he's a 4 year old boy, that glue is never gonna hold.  Docs argument was it's not deep enough to stitch (which is why it didn't bleed like crazy).  So, fine, doc won and I nicely threatened him that I would be sure to let him know if the glue didn't hold.
Well the picture of the the glue is 2 days after the ER visit and the glue was coming off.  The part that had adhered to his hair was catching on his shirts, hoods, etc...of course he wouldn't let me near his face with a pair of kitchen sheers, but he would let Darci!  My Nurse Practitioner friend who I told Emmitt was a doctor.  She snipped off the loose pieces and we managed to make it until yesterday (Saturday 8 days out) with the glue attached.  The scab is uncovered completely from the glue, but there is a bit still stuck in his hair.  The last picture is from today...a pretty open wound still, which I think would have healed better with stitches, but we are all bound to have a few scars...this will be one of his!

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