Friday, July 2, 2010

the end of t-ball...again

Another year of t-ball come and gone...this year was even bigger than last year. We had a total of 72 kids sign up! Yep, that's 72, 3, 4, & 5 year olds. Steph and I split the kids into 4 teams this year instead of the 2 like last year. It was a blast. A busy blast, but a blast. For some reason, by the end of the 6 weeks 2 of the teams dwindled down and less and less kids were coming. That made it a little challenging but it worked out.
Steph and I made the executive decision to split these 3 up this year. Nate, Parker and Max. What a trip. Finally, the last game of the season we had the orange team play the blue team and coerced parents from the yellow and green teams to "coach" for us. It worked out great and the kids had fun.

It was definitely a challenge to keep all the kids in line, but overall they figured out the basics of t-ball. Take turns batting, always wear your helmet, drop the bat after you hit, don't swing when the coach is behind you, run to first base (that's the one over to the right!), pay attention when you are in the field so you don't get hit with the ball, BACK UP! when the other team is hitting, don't tackle a person for the ball, if you get the ball throw it to first, last person up to bat hits a home run, have fun, yes you are allowed to pee in the woods, try to finish the game before running to the park and come back next year!

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Anonymous said...

Go figure- It would be NATE giving Parker the choke hold!!