Monday, July 5, 2010

the best of buds

The three musketeers. Aubrey, Jillian and Parker. All just one month apart. Actually in order! Aubrey will turn 5 in September, Jillian in October, Parker in November. We call these three the "originals". They were our first babies together. Molly, Regan and I were all becoming new moms at the same time. It's crazy to think almost 5 years have gone by already.
We all met at Regan's house today for swimming, playing and lunch. The kids had a blast in the pool together. Parker has to figure out how to wind down and play with the girls all over again. He is around boys 98% of the time every where he goes. He just needs to be retrained once in awhile to be nice to the ladies!
Aubrey. Such a cutie. Molly keeps saying that if she flirts with you she really likes you. She has played hard to get with me for almost 5 she's flirting. This is the girl who used to hate having her picture taken. I am the girl with the camera attached to her head all the time. Finally we have reached a point where she looks at me and flirts! It's awesome.
Aubrey has a new baby sister. Elise. She is a doll. Just shy of 4 months. My boys are super gentle around her and love her tiny toes. Emmitt was kissing all over her today. She had fun just kicking back on a blanket or with momma today.
Emmitt. Took him awhile to remember he really does like the pool. Once he got in there was no getting him out. This was the first of many days in the pool.
Jillian. Parker says he is gonna marry Jillian someday. Jillian says shes gonna marry her Uncle Jonny someday.
The girl were over at the neighbors picking pea pods for everyone. The neighbors actually planted peas just for the kids to pick!
Needless to say, everyone loves pea pods fresh out of the garden!
The kids had a great afternoon of fun in the sun. With Molly and Regan teaching during the school year it is just my schedule we need to work around to get us all together. I forsee another BBQ in the future this summer.

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