Sunday, May 9, 2010

St. Mother's Day

St. Mother's Day as Parker called it. I said to him this morning how sweet that was...that I was a Saint. He told me, no mom your the Mother-me and daddy and Emmitt are the saint's!
Well, my Saint spent the day with me. I joined mom at "her church" this morning for mass. Then my wonderful husband grilled for his mom, my mom and myself.
It really came down to a simple pasta salad, some hot dogs and brats and a glass of wine. The simplicity of it all made it that much more special. Just a quiet afternoon spent visiting. I am lucky to be so fortunate to have my mother so close to me, in distance and in closeness. She does things with my boys that I can't even discribe the meaningfullness of. It's more than an evening stroller ride, it's a bond that will never be broken. My favorite stories of my husband's childhood come from when he talks about the special excursions he and his grandma used to go on. He loves that my mom is doing the same thing with our boys. My mom is my rock. She has taught me more about being a mother than I would have ever learned on my own. Our relationship has grown over the last 30 years, but it has evolved and become an even stronger friendship. Your mom can't be your friend when you're younger for a reason-it wouldn't have worked for one, but secondly you need to grow up to realize that this friendship is what you've been waiting for.
I am not sure what my reasoning is every Mother's Day, but I try to get out of all the mothering duties. I got to sleep in until 8 am. But still had to change a poopy diaper or two today. I really tried to get out of that motherly duty. I kept telling the kids to go have daddy do it! But they keep coming to me with the things they need done. My hubby picked up the toys, vacuumed and swept, did all the dishes, made us breakfast, all those little tasks that seem to fall on mom were completed for me. I lounged around this afternoon reading the kids books as we all took naps in my bed together. The kids seemed to be more snuggly today even. I found us three in the lazy boy chair multiple times today. I found myself thanking them for letting me be their mother. Parker would say your welcome each time I said it to him. But really, I couldn't imagine not being a mother to these two. They are my life. I would do anything for them. I love that it took being a mother to have these feelings. I love that when Parker asked how I became a mom, before I could answer, he said it's because you and daddy love each other, right mom? I just said, you're absolutely right buddy...we loved each other so much that we made you and your brother. When I was walking Parker into school one day, we were holding hands, I asked him if he would stay my little man forever? He said, I can't mom, someday I'm gonna be big and I'll be a daddy and you'll be a grandma and I'm gonna say to my kids...come on kids, let's go visit grandma! I'm gonna do that everyday when I'm a dad. It about broke my heart, this little deep thinker of mine...You know what buddy? You and your brother will always be my little men....

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Davina & JP said...

Great photos! Glad to hear you had such a great day. Hope to see you and your boys soon, all three of them:)