Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cabin fever

How fast I took for granted the wonderful April weather. Once it started raining, I almost didn't know what to do with myself...or my kids. Friday, I took the afternoon off to hangout with the boys. I thought it would be great to go to lunch with my mom. It was, until the boys started crawling up the windows and didn't eat a thing. Next time, I order out and we'll do lunch at my house. Parker and I played games that afternoon. Then I worked that night at the Spot. Saturday, Bear got up and went fishing for suckers, the boys and I hung out some more. I worked again that night. I was starting to see a pattern. I love that I could take naps with them though...that's almost the best part about being home. But Sunday, no way were we going to stay stuck indoors another day. I packed up the boys and took them for an adventure down to Milo's cabin. They were so excited and Papa was ready for visitors too...he had been cooped up the whole weekend out there too.
Papa made an impromptu lunch of hot dogs on the fire, Doritos with salsa, pickles and orange pop. It was perfect.
We found our little walking sticks and went on a trail walk. Of course it started raining again, but we persevered and it was great. We even saw 2 cows on the trail, they had escaped through the fence of the neighboring property. Now that seemed to be the most interesting part for the boys.
By the time we ate lunch and packed up it was 3 o'clock. I had successfully stretched them (happily) without a nap. Of course they both crashed on the way home and I transferred 2 dirty, exhausted boys into their beds. By the time they woke up it was suppertime and we got a night off from cooking and order a pizza. Now that's perfection on a rainy day.

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