Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chamber Award

My buddy Krista-she was awarded Large Business of the Year 2010
Commissioner Pavleck needed his bifocals so I stretched my arms out for him...
The speech...
Hello all…I am excited about this all women panel??! I am among a fine group of women!
It will be 9 years August 6th since we opened this little, unknown, women only exercise place way out in the mall! I think I am more excited now about this award then if it had been recognized sooner.
9 years ago I walked out of St. Kates with a double major in Exercise Sport Science and Nutrition. I was engaged to Barrett and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I came home to work and plan my wedding that summer with Krista at the Holiday Inn, up at Sha-Sha and at Border Bob’s.
I don't remember being all that concerned that I wasn't working in my field. Until mid July. My future Father-in-Law was wiring this little women-only exercise place in the mall and mentioned to the owner that I went to school for something like "working out and food". It all kind of fell into place. I got an "interview", helped her open the club, started managing and 4 years later with a baby on the way, I bought out the current owner and made Curves all my own.
I am truly blessed to be doing what I am passionate about. Bear and I are both blessed to be back in our home town, working in our fields of expertise, raising our children so close to family and loving every minute of it...
My kids have hundreds of “mom’s, aunties and grandmas” I love raising them with my Curves family and am often asked, “mommy how do you know so many people?”
I would like to thank Lynda and Punky (who could not be here today) for deeming me worthy of a nomination. I am truly amazed by the kind words you put on paper…thank you.
Vickie and the Mall Guys-who take care of me so well…thank you.
My wonderful hardworking staff-you have the very difficult job of keeping hundreds of women happy every day! Thank you for your dedication.
My family-my parents and my hubby for all their hard work and support in this…and my members or “my girls” as I call them, I truly would not be who I am today without you all.
I have a faithful following of my community and my girls... It’s been 9 years since I started this journey with these women and it’s been a great one…thank you.

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