Monday, May 17, 2010

four and a HALF, momma

On May 11th, my first born turned four and a half. We sort of started calling it his "half birthday", my I was by no means baking a cake or buying presents for a half birthday. I just mentioned to him that he was going to be half way to his 5th birthday. Now he is insisting on telling everybody that he is four and a half!
He has changed a lot in 6 months. 6 months ago he had just started school. We had met with the speech therapist and walked around the house saying "ka" and "ga" while pointing out objects in the house that started with those sounds. Now, just 6 months of preschool and he has not one problem with saying these sounds.
He is absolutely pumped for playing tee ball this year. Last year. Not so much. He spent most of the season in the car with daddy last year in a time out than actually playing tee ball. This year...a bit overboard with the whole tee ball thing. He instantly has to put on his "old jeans" when he comes home so he can slide and dive for the ball. His mission is to put holes in the knees and get grass stains on them. I told him he could, as long as he wore the "old jeans".
He is also so into daddy time right now it's sort of breaking my heart. The plus side is that I get to spend one on one with Emmitt when Parker and daddy go out together. Bear is excited that finally Parker wants him. He is super fun to hangout with, he is well behaved when the two of them are together. Bear has explained that there is such innocence in Parker right now. For the last 4 years daddy has come second best to momma and right now daddy is soaking all the father/son time in. The downside is now I am getting both Parker and daddy wanting to skip church to go do something else.
Each day we get closer to my baby, my big boy being 5. I can't hardly fathom that number right now, so I'll just keep on're still four Parker. I'll keep him my little man for as long as I can.

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