Tuesday, June 9, 2009

maybe I should've had my tonsils out

Friday night after work brought me to my knees literally. I got home from working at the Spot at 11 ish and could barely make it in the house. I had spiked a temp and crawled into bed with the chills and sweats. I even managed to get up at my 2:30 am alarm to wake Parker up to pee. I made it until 6 am when I sweated Bear out of bed to get me Ibuprofen and orange juice. Parker came in at 7 am and we headed downstairs. By 7:30 I set him on the couch with cereal and milk and a movie and told him to let daddy know that I went to the doctor. (Daddy and Emmitt were still sleeping). I walked into the actual Emergency Room with a sore throat. I sort of felt stupid for doing it but I had to find out if I was really positive for Strep. If I was I didn't want to infect my family or daycare. And of course by the time my culture comes back and I have taken a good 15 minute nap the doctor comes in and looks at me. She says "you still have your tonsils?". She has remembered me back when I had all my strep episodes when Parker was a year old, she remembered treating Parker the time he has tonsillitis last summer. I stammered and said, well he had his taken out! Then followed that by, I really don't have time to have mine taken out. I mean, does anybody have an extra 2 weeks out there? 2 weeks to recover (at my age), be off of work, not cook, not do other mommy things....I just can't swing it! But having my tonsils out is definitely in my future, I am just not sure when. I have tried making Emmitt an appointment with the same ENT (that Parker had) for his ears and tentative tube placement and can't hardly swing that one! So when we do make it to Duluth, I'll be sure to schedule an appointment with the doctor to at least discuss my case.
I took the shot of Penicillin in the "hip", ahem butt, and I am finally starting to feel a little more human today. Saturday I took a 2 and a half hour nap, Sunday a 2 hour one and last night I was in bed at 8 pm! God help me...

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