Monday, June 1, 2009

at the shack

We hit the shack many times throughout the year. The kids seem to just know when we head down the shack road. Their moods lift and they get giddy. Parker especially and Emmitt just follows his brothers lead. We headed down one Saturday afternoon with just lunch and playtime in mind. It was perfect. We brought a small cooler of just turkey brats and sippy cups. A beer (or two) for Bear and I. The shack always has the essentials, like ketchup and mustard and chips in a sealed Tupperware. We had the boys fetch up sticks for the fire pit and grilled ourselves a mighty fine lunch.
Emmitt was pretty fascinated with the whole experience. Last summer/fall was his last time there and he was just a baby then. He was double socked with the final layer being wool socks just to make the puddle boots fit. He took a few diggers just to get used to the feel of them.
Parker brought his four-wheeler along and had his brat on the back of it while riding laps around the shack.

Wish I was that happy carrying sticks!
We had a lot of logging done last year at the shack. It is sort of sad to look out the building and see rubble and chips where the huge trees used to stand. Bear and Don tagged a few trees to be left untouched. We found 2 pines and they happen to be the same heights as both boys right now. They are now named trees: The Parker Tree and The Emmitt Tree. They stand side by side just off the trail behind the shack. Each season it'll be fun to see who is taller.
Parker scooped up a random cattle bone that Papa Don left behind. A cattle bone in one hand and a brat in the other...yummm
Just carrying sticks high over his head to the fire pit. He is excited with the littlest the shack that is. Lately at home and at daycare he is trying his limits to the fullest. I had to take out the good old Love and Logic book this morning and read the "not listening" chapter again.

Daddy put Emmitt on the old wire wheel and he stomped on it in those little green boots. He would squeal and smile at daddy and the new sound it made and would do it again.
Em just hung out at the picnic table and pounded a bag of chips.
The boys in their glory and matching white undershirts feeding the fire pit. Parker got himself dressed that morning and managed to squeeze into one of Emmitt's shirt...which is why his belly is hanging out in every picture.

Like I said, the boys are different kids at the shack. They are happy to just be outside. We are at ease because we don't really need to worry about them getting into anything out there. They just play and run and point and get excited about things like sticks and tracks in the mud. Someday they will just go out to the shack with daddy and hunt wild animals and I am going to stay home for a week by myself and do nothing...well maybe take a bath, read a book, sleep in and watch movies that are rated more than a G.

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