Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandma's Great Run

I went Friday/Saturday to watch the girls run the Half Marathon in Duluth. It was a great time! Very inspiring. I may be crazy enough to do one in October!!
5 am came really early the morning of the race. We had pulled into town the night before, shopped, ate, got race packets and finally went to bed around 11 pm. I was exhausted, but nothing compared to what these would feel like in just under 10 hours.Their goal was to finish the race and run it the whole way. We walked down around 8 am and just after 8:30 am we see the girls coming down the road. They finished in just over 2 hours. What a great event to witness. It was emotional just watching from the sidelines. We saw older people running, people sprinting, people walking, people holding hands, one girl turned around to walk back and get her friend who was throwing up in the middle of the road...big people, tiny people, all different kinds of people. It doesn't really matter what your body type is, if you train for it (even a little) you can run it. Which brings me to Jamie...she admitted the most she had ran was 5 miles and she finished the race is 2:45 (that's still a 12:37 minute mile)! I was so proud of her for still doing it!

Their time was actually 2:05:13, but we weren't right up next to see them finish and cross the line... And just because I like was pushing 80 and humid at the end of the race and this person has to walk around in a dog suit.

Critter and Noah growling at each other.
Regan with her second medal...she ran the race in 03, prior to two babies. What an accomplishment!Erin and Reg after the race...started together-finished together.Chad and Erin. Erin had her whole family down there cheering her on. Reg and I figured our hubbies would never go into a crowd like that with a double stroller and be comfortable...that's why it just made sense that I cheer Regan on...I even made a poster!
The girls and their medals.

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Gunderson Family said...

Way to go Girls! So proud of you! Becky I totally think you should sign up for a half this fall! Can't wait to get running again...a few weeks still.
Have a great day! Anna