Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day was very simple this year. Bear lounged around for the better part of the day, I took the boys to church, we all took naps in the afternoon. When the boys got up from their naps we headed out to Tilson to meet Milo and Peg for a Father's Day boat ride to Sha-Sha.
Parker absolutely loved the boat ride. Emmitt wasn't so sure about it. He definitely did not like being in his life jacket and worse yet, being held the whole time...he really wanted to walk around in the boat. While it was moving. I am not sure just where he thought he was going to go. Grandma Peggy was there to lend a helping hand. Shelby came along for the ride too. The boys would walk from person to person and look around. Emmitt spotted every bird on the lake. He frantically signs bird and says caw caw no matter if it's a sea gull or a crow.Emmitt seemed to do the best when daddy was holding him...not sure if he did that just because it was Father's Day or if he felt extra safe in those big arms.
Shelbs hung out towards the back of the boat and enjoyed the sun and the ride. She had been at a cabin all weekend but was ready to come along for more sun, lake, and fun.
Oh...I was there too! I rarely end up on the other side of the camera. Even though we both look like we aren't enjoying ourselves, we were. It felt great to get out on the water with a wonderful destination up ahead.We arrived at Sha-Sha just in time. Emmitt was ready to get out of the boat and we were all ready to eat some great food. I hadn't seen the Sha-Sha makeover until that day and was very pleased to see it. I do really like that place...lots of great memories.What's Sha-Sha without a picture of some chippies. Emmitt especially like the big carved chippie. I am not sure if he really saw any of the real ones. There were not many live chippies to feed and the ones we did see seemed too full to want to our peanuts.
Shelbs stopped for a goofy picture with the Adirondack mermaid chair. Yee-haw EmmittShelbs took a turn on the big chipmunk

Shelby showed Parker how to be nice and quiet so that the chipmunks wouldn't be scared to take a peanut from him. Then she found a little hole under the decks walkway where the chipmunks come out of. He just crept up there next to her and waited so quietly for a chippie to appear and then he would drop a peanut for it. He would not let it take one from his hand. Which I am just fine with...

This Father's Day was just perfect. Simple. They way we like things these days. We spent it together with some of our family. It is nearly impossible to spend it with all of our dads but they did not go unforgotten. We wished them all a Happy Father's Day and got them some great cards. We were really into the singing cards...mine for Bear was actually a New Kids on the Block card that sang "oh, oh, ohhhho, oh, oh ohhhhho, oh, oh, ohhhho" then on the inside it said "you've got the right stuff"! Classic.

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