Thursday, October 9, 2008

a toothbrush, laundry basket and baby legs

Emmitt went from crawling one day to pulling himself up the next. He is getting much better at it now, but it took a few weeks to master it. The laundry basket proved to be a great toy! And of course his baby toothbrush. The big boys were out at the shack so it was just Emmitt and I. What a fun day. It is good for all of us to split up once in awhile and have some one and one with the kids. He was just chillin' in his baby legs and going a hundred miles an hour around the living room.
Oh that hair...people are constantly touching the fuzz, and grabbing the "top curl". Bear wants it off, but people, myself included, would freak if we cut it.
The side view of "Crazy Hair"
This is how he sits. I can best describe it as a track hurdler. It looks unnatural to adults but you put him down, he crawls and when he goes back to the sitting position, his legs do this.
And of course the push off to start crawling again. Another trait he has is "the puppy". He always carries something is his mouth, breathes fast through his nose and crawls. It is hilarious to watch.

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FamilyGus said...

Oh, my gosh, I love these picks!!! I love that hair. Maybe all second kids do the dog thing... Tanner did that & loved the laundry basket as a walker; who needs to buy the real thing.