Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dark cloud...

Dark cloud please go away…I am hoping that this depressing post gets that dark cloud over my life right now to go away. Far far away.
1. My husband has been working out of town for the last 3 weeks
2. A month ago an employee of mine turned in her 2 week notice for a higher paying job
3. 2 weeks ago I hired 2 new employees
4. 1 week ago 1 of my new employees quit
5. I had trained in the employee that quit for a week
6. Training in employees requires lots of time, lots of energy and lots of money
7. I have none of the above
8. After my employee called me at home to quit, the DFL called and asked if I had time to chat
9. I didn’t and started crying to a random stranger on the phone
10. 1 week ago I hired another new employee
11. I worked 8am-7pm, 8am-6pm and 6am-6pm to train in my new employee
12. I am tired
13. Last Tuesday (the day after the employee quit) a member of mine walked in and said “you don’t look too perky”
14. I started crying
15. I cried for 2 hours at work, in front of all my other members
16. Wednesday I got flowers from a member and the card said “Just to Brighten Your Day”
17. I started crying at work again
18. I am on week 5 of a chest cold
19. 3 weeks ago Bear was gone all week to Grand Portage
20. Last week he was back and forth dusk ‘til dawn to Baudette
21. This week it’s back to Grand Portage
22. It’s hard being a single parent-how the heck did my mom do it with double the kids I have?
23. I tried to get my sister to come North for a visit to tell me it’ll all be okay
24. She can’t
25. I was going to pay a visit to her
26. I forgot that I volunteered for a very important church function this weekend
27. I had the function written down in my planner!
28. I have been at the grocery store every day for the last 4 days because I forgot items that were on my list
29. I have a sinus infection
30. Parker and I bonked heads and my teeth hurt=sinus infection
31. My doctor is on vacation for 10 days
32. Last time I had a sinus infection I had to be on 2 rounds of antibiotics and he gave them to me over the phone because I didn’t have time/he didn’t have an appointment opening for me to go in
33. I need to get my kids and myself the flu shot
34. The whole crap on mercury/vaccines/autism makes my head spin
35. The flu shot is for Influenza in your lungs not the “flu” like the stomach flu…or food poisoning people!
36. Did I mention I am on week 5 of a chest cold?
37. Warren on DWTS made me laugh so hard I had to rewind it and enjoy it all over again
38. Bear wanted me to make an apple pie this weekend
39. I did
40. He had ONE piece
41. Thought the extra calories would help keep my milk up?
42. Stress makes my milk supply go down
43. Emmitt refuses a bottle from Stephie still when he feels like it
44. After 8 months, don’t you think he would figure it out
45. Do I actually get up in the middle of the night to pump to keep it up?
46. I am way too stubborn to buy formula
47. I signed Parker up for “figure” skating to learn the basics
48. On the phone, the woman asked if I had skates for her
49. He’s a he, and he’ll wear his teeny tiny hockey skates from last Christmas
50. It cost me $172.50 for a 3 year old to join skating
51. I have to sell 40 candy bars!
52. And try to sell 5 Christmas Wreaths for $15 each
53. I get to collect tickets during the ice show
54. I got to put a $20 costume deposit down for the ice show
55. I put Parkers skates on him in the house tonight to walk around
56. He looked like a Weeble Wobble
57. I can get my money back up until November 12th
58. His first practice is this Saturday at 8 AM!!
59. Bear was in figure skating for a year or two
60. It was Disney on Ice
61. He was Mickey Mouse
62. He’s a great skater and hockey player
63. I went for a 2 hour walk on Saturday to burn off the apple pie I ate
64. I have 3 baskets of laundry to fold
65. Parker had 3 timeouts at grandmas tonight for “not listening”
66. He got off the timeout steps before his minute was up
67. I told him he can’t go to skating if he doesn’t listen to the teacher
68. He says in a sassy taunting voice “well, I’m going to go on the ice and you can’t get me”
69. We left grandma’s house
70. Parker wouldn’t eat supper
71. I offered to heat it up for a bedtime snack
72. He is sleeping right now with nothing in his belly
73. I’m tired
74. Emmitt’s is squawking right now…
75. Tomorrow is a new day and I am hoping it is sunny and cloud free


AmandaH said...

I hope your day is much better today! That was a pretty big bummer list. :)
You have a cute little family and much to be thankful for.
Your long distance blog stalker, Amanda

beanski said...

hang in there chicky! i totally understand on wanting him home though, i get so angry at michael when he's gone...

Chenoa said...

Have the dark clouds parted? I sure hope so! Here's to a GREAT weekend! Sending a long distance hug!

FamilyGus said...

The weekend is almost here! Sorry things have been so crazy. Mommies often get frazzled (I know I do just with the regular stuff) so with extra I feel for you. Remember if you ever need anything, talk, cry, someone to work for even a few hours so you get a break don't hesitate to call. I have the granny's on speed dial if need be. :)