Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Giant Puffball

Bear and Jonny were out hunting for birds at the farm last week and come upon this big white thing off the trail.

Bear: Hey Jonny check it out, what is that thing?
Jonny: A dinosaur egg?
Bear: holy cow that thing is huge!
Jonny: let's pick it up
Bear: it's a mushroom
Jonny: is it poisonous?
Bear: I don't know, let's take it home and cook it!
Jonny: I don't like mushroom's
Bear: I have a book, I'll look it up and have my sister-in-law see if it's poisonous since she works in the soil for the feds

Okay-so he comes home with this dinosaur egg and swears it's not poisonous and expects me to eat it! I don't think so.

I told him if he died from eating that thing I would kill him!

So he looks it up in his "How to Identify Edible Mushroom" book he got for Christmas one year and discovers is "just a giant puffball" and you can totally eat it! So he starts slicing it up and giving it to people. Then he starts cooking it. Referring to online recipes of what he can do with it! I refused to let him feed it to Parker. The recipes he got all say it tastes best when sauteed in butter and would resemble the taste of tofu or melted cheese...yum! I could hardly contain myself with excitement to eat it! (sarcasm there in case you couldn't tell).

This is actually only half of the mushroom...
Just to really compare size-it is huge!

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