Monday, September 22, 2008

My little Yoda

So this post is for Godfather Jon...and in hindsight I see the resemblance. Emmitt looked like Yoda when he was born.

Jon actually said to Bear, something like "your kid looks like Yoda".
Bear didn't tell me right away and when he did, I asked "whose Yoda"?
He says, "you know the green guy from Starwars".
Still confused I didn't think that much of it, since I haven't seen an episode, ever.

Some people think all babies are cute. Most are, but not all, and even looking back, Emmitt maybe wasn't all that cute when he was first born. I can say this, because I am his mom, and now he is flat out adorable!

But being stuck in the birth canal for 3 days he came out a little (okay a lot) banged up. He was swollen across the eyebrow area with a huge ridge on his head. Both his eyes were blood shot in the corners from the pressure of hanging upside down and half out! And his nose was smashed and swollen. Here are a few pics in case you forgot...

Our little Yoda
Blood shot eyes, poor baby

A little old man or Yoda?

Of course for Halloween, Emmitt will be...who else? But Yoda~a VERY cute Yoda

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