Monday, September 29, 2008

mr. dick

so I ran into an old acquaintance yesterday. I guess you could call him that. I can actually say things like, "10 years ago" now that I am 28. Well I don't think I've seen this man for 10 years! I was at a church dinner and was just walking towards the exit with my running-around-greeting-everyone-like-a-politician-no-nap-yet-"3"-year-old and a baby on my hip that was an hour and a half past his two hour afternoon nap when I feel a tap on my arm. Just a gentle, get my attention tap, and I stop...of course the "3" year old continues on. And I am standing face to face with an older man who I do not recognize. I am a person who rarely forgets a face and remembers everyones names, whether I really know them or not. The conversations goes like this:
Man: Do you remember me?
Me: Remember you? or Recognize you?
Man: both
Me: I guess not...should I?
Man: Yes, my name is Richard Phillips
Me: (gasp) Oh, wow! Of course I remember you, but I did NOT recognize you
Man: I am one-third the man I was
Me: Well, and just how did you do that? (wondering why the heck I asked and praying to god he wasn't going to answer cancer or something awful)
Man: I joined Weight Watchers!
Me: Wow, you look great. Good for you
Man: Thanks
Me: I am surprised you remembered me!
Man: Well I never forget a pretty face
Me: Oh, I thought that it was because I was one of your best students
Man: ba-haa, haa, haa (with his head in the air and walking away)

Well-for those of you that remember History at RRCC, you remember Mr. Dick! After 10 years he remembered me...I wished I could have told him more, but I didn't...things like; that's where I developed my stalking-of-my-future-husband-stage, where I got a C in History because I wasn't too overwhelmed to remember simple facts I was just to immature to care, where I made some great friendships, and that I wished I hadn't called him "Mr. Dick" behind his back because he really was a great teacher and a smart, smart man.


Anonymous said...

Um...Christmas Pig ring a bell? That guy was an A hole! I thought history with Ms. Pearson was bad...I had no idea! I can't remember if it was Pav or Maloney that always got me in trouble in that class...that is too funny that you ran into him!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Chenoa...oops!

FamilyGus said...

I loved him. Everyone else in the class was intimidated by him, but I mentioned to him one day my dad had taken his class. Also, when he said one of his smart answers I just gave it back to him & he'd smile. I couldn't believe how good he looked. He also got married last I had heard! He really was a good teacher.

Davina & JP said...

Becky I'm surprised you even passed that class, all you did was talk about and stare at Barrett, hee hee! Chenoa was always in trouble in that class and his favorite was Shawna, when she wasn't crying over her grades. I however, barely made it out of there with a passing grade, I think I also got a C. I don't think school/studying was ever for me, I'm kind of realizing that now. That's great that he's doing so well, that is quite the accomplishment.