Tuesday, September 16, 2008


One of Emmitt's accomplishments this month is mobility. I can't really call it crawling yet. He rocks back and forth on all fours and then dives for what he was trying to get. Or rolling, literally from one end of the house to the other. But full arm and leg coordination crawling, not quite yet.

Again...this kid has a million faces. I think digital cameras make it worse. He makes a face and instantly wants to see it on the back of my camera. So the other night I set up the video camera and connected it to the TV and just put it on to view and let him see himself on the big screen! 2 hours of dancing, running, playing guitar on his hockey stick I finally had to shut it down and put him to bed. He had a blast being able to see himself on TV! Cheap entertainment.

He can be goofy, but boy can't that face just melt your heart?

He has gotten really good at sitting. To the point where I feel confident that if I put him on the hardwood floor he isn't going to tip backwards and hurt his head. And a few times he has gone from all fours back to his butt...all big physical developments.
Teeth, teeth, and more teeth. JUST LIKE PARKER. I really try not to compare the boys that much, but I do. Not in a good/bad way of whose better or worse but how and when they did things. But man...why did we have to get another teether like Parker. Drool, sleepless nights, drool, whines, hands in the mouth, feet in the mouth, drool, nothing works. Tylenol is pointless. Teething rings only last for awhile and he throws them. Ahh...he currently has five. Two bottom, two top and just now another one on the bottom. Parker had 16 teeth at a year so we'll see if Emmitt can catch up with him.
Obviously my favorite for the month. Can decide in color, black and white or both...

PS-we still don't know what color those eyes are...blue around the edge by brown in the middle. No money has changed hands yet between mommy and daddy...we'll keep you posted.

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