Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At the Park

We are trying to take as much advantage of the nice cool nights these days. If it's not raining we are out for a stroller ride and usually that means a stop at the park. The boys have always been so good in the stroller that it makes it really easy to get buckled in and go. Once in awhile Parker thinks he should be able to ride his bike next to us while we walk but we usually bribe him with a snack to get in. If I am not walking with my mom, I am with Regan. The kids play well together at the park and the babies are usually sleeping. This trip, Emmitt snoozed in the stroller the whole time. We pick apples out of the Pastors tree for the kids to eat on the ride home...don't think he'll mind us stealing?! Sometimes we use Auntie Tammy's potty. But mainly it is nice to get out of the house because for now it's still 3 months (okay maybe 1) we will be struggling with boots, mittens, and jackets. I am sweating just thinking about getting 2 kids dressed and out the door by 7:45. Ugh.

Brooks happened to be awake this trip...those blue eyes are beautiful!
Maybe next summer he'll actually be able to reach...
He absolutely loves to swing. He finally caught on this summer to the "pumping" of the legs to keep himself going. I do however have to chant it in the background. Kick, bend, kick, bend...
Oh and all those curls. It's not even a shade of red, it's orange and it is hair that most women would kill for! Not to mention the porcelain skin and a set of baby blues to complete a beautiful little girl. People still ask Regan if the curls are real. I told her to start answering "nope, she sits still for 2 hours each morning while I fix it" but she won't...
She's pouting in the picture, but she's really thinking here...she couldn't get the digger to work for her. It's kind of a "humph?" look.
Still trying to figure it out...plain and simple, they aren't strong enough to operate both levers. So between the two of them they figured if one sat on it and tried and the other sat in the sand beneath it they could help eachother...that was until mommy's noticed the extremely heavy and sharp metal scoop at the end of the digger coming really close to their heads and detoured them onto the slide.

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