Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emmitt gets to play too

We met up with some friends a couple of weeks ago to let the kids all play t-ball together. I figured it would be a great way to let Emmitt get some game time in since we aren't having the tiny twins t-ball this year.
He had an absolute blast, hitting, running, throwing, picking up the bases, playing with the sand! All of it.
Just for the record, Parker has his tongue out again!
I manage to have enough Tiny Twins T-ball shirts left over to fit Emmitt for the season and he wears them all so proudly.

He actually did really well connecting with the ball and has the concept down of hit the ball, drop the bat and run! He even went to the right bases.
He put his glove on to play in the field and it was taking him awhile...I finally figured out that he was working his little pointer finger through the glove slot so he could "catch better".

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