Saturday, June 25, 2011

a surprise outside

Awhile back Tammy and Scott gave us these birds. The stuffed ones. The eagle and the owl. Their boys had them when they were little. When my boys first got them as a gift they were the new favorite toys. For a bit. Then just like everything other toy they get, it soon becomes forgotten and tossed aside. Well I dug those birds out this morning and revamped what Scott used to do to his boys. He would stick the birds outside in a tree, on the garage, at the park...all over the place. I however taped little notes on the birds for the boys to find this morning.
Parker's eagle carried a note that said "Parker, life's a beach! If it's nice and hot today why don't we head to the beach and you can show your mommy and daddy how well you can swim now". (he's been at 4 days of lessons you know!)Emmitt's owl said "Emmitt, today is a 'stay home day' why don't we have a happy day today and play all day" (he tends to wake up a bit whiny and moody you know!)Well it was in fact super hot and sunny here today and we did go to the beach. We cherish our days that we can all four be home together hanging out, or as we say "stay home days". We were happy and there was only a little whining going on in our house today. We spent hours at the beach. We braved Rainy Lake and it was very cooling yet refreshing. Parker swam. Emmitt got braver and braver each time he went in. Bear and I relaxed on the beach watching the kids. We built a sand castle and buried Emmitt. The boys continued to wonder who left the notes on the birds and put them outside. It ranged from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Jesus! (I know, what a combo?!) We eventually came home to crash on the couch for late naps. We surprised the kids with a 7 pm showing of Cars 2 at the theater. And they are both currently sleeping in their bed with the eagle and the owl nestled under their arms...for they are after all, their new favorite toys again!

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