Sunday, February 27, 2011

We met Miss Ruby

We ventured out to Loman to meet Miss Ruby. Just 2 days old and oh so sweet!
The boys were so excited to hold her. Emmitt kept putting his arms out and saying "I hold her." He would then of course be instructed to sit on the couch with the boppy around him and hold her gently.
Parker really liked holding her too. He loved kissing her head and kept saying how tiny all her body parts were. Her ears, her nose, her lips. And she is tiny. Even if she came into the world at almost 9 pounds. She dipped down a pound but is eating like a trooper, she'll gain it back in no time.

Auntie Becky held her most of the time. We had brought them down dinner so I snatched her right up while they ate. Bear put the swing together that we bought them and then the boys had to see her in it. She finally opened her eyes right before we left for home! She woke up a bit and looked at the mirror and objects before her on the swing. I had to tell the boys that she probably could only see shapes and doesn't see what we see. It is such a miracle how tiny they start out and how very fast they grow.

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