Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hockey Great is Three indeed!

The Hockey Great Cake. This cake idea came to me the week of the birthday party. I found out that Super One bakery sells kits (the little nets and hockey dudes) for $5 for just about any theme you can think of! Bear and the Internet helped me with the line placement.
We are close to 35 people with just "family" at the birthday parties. It is getting fun and easier with the kids at the table eating cake. Left to right around the table: Gracie Lyn, Garret, Brooks, Emmitt, Parker, Jake and Jillian.
A favorite memory of the day: he sang along to Happy Birthday to himself. Not just Happy Birthday to you, or me for that matter...but Happy Birthday to Emmitt. It was so cute. Word for word.
and BLOW!
He and his brother eating the cake and ice cream.
The Olson Family. Bear put on his '95 jersey. Then sadly admitted that it fits the same, except he had all the equipment on in '95.

Momma and E-Man. We had planned on skating on the rink in the back yard and couldn't because it was raining in February!

The gift craziness. He got a Bronco horse, Gator Golf, a new Emmitt backpack, Tarzan movie, the Mater Car wash, a Buzz Light year toy, a punching bag, clothes, savings bonds, jumping was fun to see him open the gifts. It was not fun watching his brother try to open them before the birthday boy could get a chance.It was a little chaotic but always a good time. We keep contemplating just doing our Olson 4 party, but when the birthday nears I invite everybody. Birthdays are special. We don't over buy gifts, we don't feed people supper, we have never had a "kid party", just our closest family members celebrating another year of life with our little dudes.

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