Monday, January 24, 2011

gearing up for another Hat Trick party

We are literally gearing up for a party. Not just any party. A 3rd Birthday party. While cleaning up the basement I found all the leftover (ahem, unopened) black and white referee/hockey decor. Then I realized that I used all my creative juices 2 years ago on Parker's hockey party. So we are having a repeat party. A bit different, but the same theme. A hat trick is defined as: to "achieve a positive feat in the sport three times during a game, or other achievements based on threes." Well folks-we have achieved 3 years in this little dudes life!
We plan on having all the family over for a hockey party. I tried to host a party with food served last year and I felt like I was being pulled in every direction, so this's just back to cake and ice cream. Hockey cake and ice cream that is.
We do actually have a rink in our backyard. Emmitt isn't the kid (like Parker) who wants to get snow pants on right away and play outside for hours on end. He comes in after a bit and says something like my face is so cold. or I have to pee. or I have snow down my shirt. Inevitably he comes in the house shortly after he has gone out. So he has learned how to stand on the ice. Not skate. But stay upright and move about with the little pusher thingy.

If anybody asks him how old he is going to be? Those cute, tiny fingers go up in the air Cute and tiny he is. He is just 24 pounds and his features are still so baby like to me. He is our little peanut.

As you can see from the pictures above and the one below, this kid has many different looks. He can look so grown up and so baby like the same day. For these pictures he demanded a Mohawk! Then he demanded his Bronco hat and looked like a different kid, just within minutes.
One thing is for sure, this little guy loves his big brother. He copies him, he adores him, he follows him, he annoys him, he beats on him, he truly loves him as a big brother.
I say it every time...I cannot believe that my baby is another year older! It just doesn't seem possible...but life is getting easier and harder every day, but so, so worth it.


beanski said...

Cute pics!

I can't believe he's three...I also can't believe he weighs 24 pounds....Cameron weighs 34! :)

Aloha Chewy said...

The boys are too cute! I love the mohawk pics...he's gonna be a heartbreaker!

Davina & JP said...

Such a cute idea, its so worth doing a second time. The boys are so cute, they each have such personality.