Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Traveling Christmas

Our Christmas Eve was honored with a new tradition this year. My side of the family decided to host a Traveling Christmas. Basically we traveled to each of our houses doing different activities, parts of the meal, festivities and traditions. The idea came to us all when we really couldn't figure out who was going to host, who was going to cook, if we were going to do gifts, blah, blah, blah. My kids are little and need naps at noon, Tammy's boys are big and are barely awake at noon. So it began...the Traveling Christmas. And it was fabulous.
We started in Ray at my parents house for a bonfire, a winter walk through the woods, caroling, goodies and hot chocolate.
Then to our homes for our own lunch and naps.
Then just Parker and I headed to Church. We both were able to enjoy it. He loved the Silent Night candlelight part the best. I loved being able to sit and listen and enjoy.
Then to Tammy's for a simple and wonderful meal.
Then to my house for the Annual Smashing of the Gingerbread House, goodies, and decaf coffee. Only to get people out the door to get my kids to bed and to wait to catch Santa in the act once again this year.

The two pictures below are actually the end of the evening. It was the house smashing and devouring. They have come to expect and thoroughly enjoy the smashing. The anticipation of waiting until we count to three is almost uncontainable.
I almost could not believe that Parker could actually get the huge tree topper in his mouth, but he did!
Back up to 10:30 am in Ray. The Winter Wonderland. Grandma Audrey took off with the "heaviest kid she could pull" in the sled and blazed the trail for us all. Tammy and Emmitt followed.
Tracey and Shelby
Grandma and Parker
The Olson 4 and of course a big stick.
Our Nicker
The whole group of us.
Emmitt Jon in his new owl hat enjoying Grandma's hot cocoa.
The awesome carolers. Mom printed out the words so we could sign along. The guys slowly drifted further and further away from us! It was hilarious and a memory I will never forget. Singing carols by a bonfire in the woods-so cliche and so perfect!
The boys loved the fire the best. They could sit out by one and throw things in it for hours.
This day could have turned out horrific. But it really was a favorite Christmas of mine. Bear wasn't sure at first. He said, "it feels like we are dragging the day on forever". I responded with, "It is Christmas and that's not a bad thing you know?!" By the end, we all loved how perfectly it all played out.

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The Butterfields said...

What a great tradition! I love their hats!!