Monday, August 9, 2010


We have managed to hit a few landmarks over the summer. In July The Chutes came visiting for a week. They had a jam packed week while staying in Kabetogama, but we managed to visit with them at their campground and at Sha-Sha.
I talked up the big Kab fish the whole ride down there but no way was anybody going to get on the thing once we arrived. I taked a nice tourist into taking our picture by the fish.
I had told Parker that the people we were going to visit were actually his cousins and aunt and uncle. This is where the family tree got a little confusing to him. We have pictures up of Paul, Erika and the kids, AJ and Anna, but he couldn't really place them. When I tried to explain further that this family was related because of Papa Dave he got it a little bit more. Then all he cared about was whether or not he could give his cousins a big hug when he saw them!
Anna and Parker will both be 5 this Fall. They are just 6 weeks apart. They played together great when we were visiting. It took some convincing that we would indeed see them again sometime, but the fact that we couldn't put a timeline on it made it difficult.
Little Miss Anna. What a doll. She was so fun to watch. A girl about the same age as Parker is something we are used to. But just seeing her perform gymnastic routines for us or talk to us with her little accent were something new and fun.
The kids had fun at Sha Sha just running around for the ever elusive chipmunks. The cage was a first for my two. When we parted ways there were a few tears from the kids because all they wanted to do was play more. And a few from the adults because it is just so good to see them all from so far away. Until the next time...

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