Monday, August 2, 2010

Kabekona Lake Weekend

Last weekend we spent 3 fun filled days in the sun on Lake Kabekona. It was a fabulous weekend getaway for my family and I. We met up with my girls from college. It was the Chicago trip girls, but this time we invited the guys, kids and dogs.
The weather overall was beautiful. If it rained we went inside for games, movies and snacks. If it was sunny out, we were in the water or on the dock. It was basically free child care-put your kid in a life jacket and let them play on the beach while we enjoyed an adult beverage or two. Or three. My boys got braver and braver as the weekend went on. Parker was jumping into the water off of anything he could. The dock, the paddle boat, daddy's shoulders.
Emmitt had to warm up to the idea of being in the water. He was deathly afraid of the minnows in the shallow end but quickly got over the fear. I'll take full blame for that one. Parker was the leech magnet of the weekend and I made anybody but me pull them off of him. He was a trooper when they were on him though. I would have panicked much more.
We had a campfire going the entire weekend. Mainly to keep warm by when needed and to also dry out our swim gear over and over. All the kids loved throwing pine cones, sticks and other brush in the fire. We had to make the banana boat s'mores and the traditional s'mores over the fire. The kids were a sticky mess but enjoyed all of the sweet treats.
Saturday was sunny and gorgeous for most of the day. The kids filled up tons of water balloons and had a great time tossing them at the adults.
Us four (of the original six) girls from St. Kates.
Carrie, Becky, Mahrya, Annie
Our guys
Sean, Bear, Nick, Andy
We hope to make this an annual summer trip. The main cabin provided us with all the luxuries we needed to make our weekend a little bit easier. The guest cabin proved to be the perfect spot for all of our families. The weather was beautiful, the kids played well together, the adults got to catch up on the times...what a fabulous vacation.

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