Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally...Smokey Bear!

I finally got the boys to play with Smokey Bear! It is the Bass Tournament this weekend and we were downtown last night. I told the boys that they could climb and play on Smokey while we were there. I couldn't believe a couple of months ago that Parker asked me if they could play on Smokey someday. I hadn't realized the biggest landmark of our town had never been introduced to my kids. I must find the picture of me with Smokey and my babysitter from 1985.
I told the boys that when I was little I could fit through Smokey Bears feet. And of course they both tried and they both fit!
I think Parker was a little uncertain if he really could fit through...but was all smiles when he met me at the other side.
Emmitt wasn't really into going through, he just liked to crawl in the hole and stay there.
We'll go back today after Stephie's to jump in the bouncy playhouse, have another corn dog and see the weigh ins. Bear and I are signed on for date night tomorrow night, pouring beer at the Beer Gardens. It'll be fun to see everyone that came to town. Lots of our friends are fishing in the tournament, we scored tons of candy last night at the parade and are sure to have a fun weekend!

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