Monday, May 11, 2009's just what we do

My Mother's Day was a great day. I got to sleep in...a little. Bear got up with the kids, but failed to shut the door and lock them downstairs so I could sleep, but 7:45 is sleeping in in my world. I'm a mom. Then we all started making breakfast. I really tried to just park it in the living room with a cup of coffee but that doesn't really happen. I helped make the blueberry pancakes while Bear did what he does best Sunday mornings-make killer bacon. It is a long standing joke with us. He can do nothing else while he makes bacon. I make bacon, by putting it in the pan, a little to hot, and do ten other things while checking on the bacon and it ends up burnt. I rush it he says. So he made the bacon while I had Emmitt walking under my feet and a 3 year old insisting to help me. I'm a mom. We sit down to eat and I cut up the boys' food and eat last. I'm a mom. Bear cleans them up for me and I shower while the kids randomly bang on the door screaming my name. I'm a mom. I get ready in the bathroom while the kids steal my make up brushes, dip them in the toilet, hit each other with the eyeliner pencil and I wonder how I actually get the stuff on straight. I'm a mom. I pack them up and we head to church. Emmitt has blown his cover of being mute and has actually started to communicate via signing and head shaking. He is repeatedly banging his little fingers to his palm demanding "more" puffs, goldfish and water. He throws his cup on the church floor just to sign more food. I try to keep him quiet by shhhing him with my finger on my lips and he copies by sticking his sloppy wet fingers up his nose and shaking his head no. Laughing at all those smiling people behind him. I get Parker up to the Children's Sermon and to Sunday School and Emmitt goes up to the choir loft with me to sing. He realizes he can slap at my neck and make a loud noise and then shakes his head no. I smile at him and he pushes away. I'm a mom. After church we split a piece of Happy Mother's Day church cake and head home. Emmitt falls asleep in the car crashing from the sugar rush and sleeps for 3 hours! I actually kept checking to make sure the monitor we have relied on for 3 and a half years was still working. I'm a mom. Parker skipped his nap and played out in the sandbox while I got a sun burn and read a book. I played in the sandbox with him and we buried our feet. I'm a mom. My sister and mom picked me up for our lunch/dinner date at 3 where we relaxed over a good glass of wine and a superb meal (at The Spot of course). I brought home an extra meal for Bear and the boys to share. Parker beat both of us in a game of Candy Land fair and square. I went down to my cousins house for a visit. The night before she became a mom of three and went over our pregnancies, labor and delivery stories for an hour and a half. All day I kept trying to do nothing but relax but what does a mother do? Mother. All the time that's what, it's just what we do. It is by far the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had. As much as I want to run screaming in the other direction some days, if I wasn't a mom I wouldn't have a reason at all. I'm a mom.

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