Thursday, May 7, 2009

does your head fit through there for sure?

Emmitt Jon...what I am I going to do with you? Most of your day you are the busiest little boy I have ever seen! You are constantly into everything. If you can climb it-you will. If you can eat it-you will. If you can find a way-you will. You are so persistent it is actually scary. Part of me just lets you do it so that you have the sense of accomplishment, but the other part of me is scared to death while I watch you figure it out on your own. Just the other day you and I were outside playing together. I grabbed the camera to see what you would think of the freedom of the un-fenced front yard. You checked every part of that unseen territory over.
You dinged the wind chimes. Something that you have seen your brother do many times but maybe never really get the chance to do all by yourself. After you "ahhhhed" in that high pitch voice at the pretty sound they made, you grabbed onto the chimer with both hands and shook that thing like a crazed man on the loose! You made as much noise as you could with that wind chime and your eyes just lit up!

You then walked over to the end of the cemented walkway and put your little toes right to the edge. You looked back at me, just to make sure I was watching or to see if I would tell you to be careful or not to go any further. I just sat there, gave you a little smile for encouragement and off you went.
I was waiting for the face plant to come but it didn't, you recovered your balance nicely. You have next to no depth perception but that will come. I have seen you lately wanting to take the steps down like a big boy with just one foot but haven't been able to accomplish that just yet. It will come little man, be patient.
You were so interested in the texture of all those outdoor objects. You grabbed fistfuls of moldy leaves and threw them, tried to eat them as you kept one eye on me to see if I would say no. I did-ish! You picked up sticks and put them down. You made a pile of sticks and then stomped on them as they cracked under your feet.
You played on the front steps for the longest time. Up and down. Sit and stand. You poked at the crushed pieces of cement that the winter let loose. You played peekaboo through the railing.
You would giggle at me through the railing and poke at the camera. Squealing with delight each time I shrieked Peek-A-BOO! You have started to copy things I say to you in a very high voice. You say "hiiiii" to anybody who walks in the room.
You got brave or daring I should say and proceeded to stick your head between the railings open spots, trying each one. I made sure you wouldn't get stuck and you just laughed at me each time you moved to a new space. You did each slot multiple times and it never got old.
You squished your face on the bars, licked them, tried to pull them out of the foundation with your will.
You played for almost an hour just in the front yard with just mommy. You never went more than 10 feet from me and always looked back to make sure I was still there. I was. I just sat on the walkway with the camera and smiled at you in the sun. It was a beautiful afternoon with nowhere to be but with you
Emmitt, at 14+months you are officially a busy longer a baby who I can bend to my will. You test our patience every day with your refusal to communicate. Your demanding screeches can reach annoying levels but that smile you give so easily melt us everyday! You give kisses and snuggles in mass amounts, and each time you want to, I freely accept. Keep 'em coming bud-I'll always be here to take them...
"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the one who'll decide where to go."
~Dr. Suess~

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