Thursday, May 21, 2009

boys in the sand...

Emmitt going down the slide...brave lil' bugger. No words are necessary...

Wasn't that fun to watch?

Parker is obsessed with his Christmas gift from Papa Milo. Milo had one just like it when he was younger and hunted this past shopping season to find a real Tonka metal toy. The only other one available is a dump truck. But Parker loves, scooping and dumping and pushing and moving sand all over the sandbox.
Emmitt screams at Parker until he gives him what he wants...funny how Emmitt doesn't even bother to "ask" for the Tonka truck. But they constantly fight over this tiny shovel. Like the medium sized one or the huge yellow one are no good.
Our little Blondie. Bear and I were both super blonde when we were little too. Funny how we get used to Parker's dark hair and then this little guy comes along and for 15 months we have talked about his hair
We have more sticks in our yard and sandbox that didn't originally start there. I actually think this one came home in the car from the shack.
The boys are in for a lot of playtime in the sandbox. We typically put the pool in this spot but I think I am debating even going through all that work of putting it up this year.

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