Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ginkle Balls

This year's Christmas picture~and yes, the bubbles are real. We love to make beards in the tub!

Hey Santa-I like your "ginkle balls" but I am NOT going to sit on your lap! Oh and I'll take whatever candy you give me!
So we made the trip out to the mall and attempted to take those famous Santa pictures with Parker. Last year he sat on his lap but wasn't too sure what to think. This year-noooo waaay! We saw Santa walking up the mall corridor to his big chair and Parker ran to him. Santa got down to Parker's level and let him take candy canes out of his bag. Parker would shake his head yes and no when asked questions but mostly just stared at Santa. Then he watched a few other kids sit on Santa's lap, most screaming their heads off while their parents did stupid things to get them to stop screaming and look and the camera and what, smile? Not me. I let Parker walk up to Santa and touch his furry coat sleeves, steal his candy and attempt to rip the ginkle balls off his bag! No harm done, Santa was much happier with that, then me forcing my kid to sit with a total stranger.

Here is last year's picture with Jillian-both not quite sure who this big guy is. Plus last year Santa had white scary face paint on!

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FamilyGus said...

Seriously...that is the freakiest Santa I've ever seen. No wonder Parker wants nothing to do with him. I'd pretend to like him too & then take his candy. :) Merry Christmas!!!