Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did you lick the beaters as a kid?

I am realizing this holiday season that I am more and more like my wonderful mother! As Parker gets older I find myself recreating the holiday traditions that my mom did for me and my sisters. Something as simple as letting me lick the beaters after some holiday treat she was making. This has become a favorite of Parker's. He wants to redip his beater for more though. We also made sugar cookie cutouts from my Grandmother's recipe. This year they actually turned out perfectly. Decorating was a blast, he again wanted to lick the frosting off the decorating knife and then continue decorating. Other than more than a few sprinkles on the floor, it was pretty easy. He catches on to everything we show him. Other things I find myself doing this time of year is sitting in the dark with the Christmas tree plugged in, all by myself, smiling at the lights! That is totally my mother!


anne.bjerken said...

So adorable! You do have a little Martha Stewart in you. Thank you so much for the card, it is such a cute picture of Parker. I can't wait to see the ENTIRE Ole family really soon!

Amy Basaraba said...

What a cute picture...and yes I can so see your mother sitting in the dark with the christmas lights on....Kelly would do the same thing.