Thursday, December 20, 2007

32 Weeks or 8/10 Months

I had my 32 week appointment last week. Same routine exam as always. I am starting to go every 2 weeks until mid January and then it's every week until the bebe is born. My iron levels are still too low so the doctor upped my iron supplement to 2-a-days instead of one. I am feeling no better and no worse taking it, but we'll see on the 27th if the levels have changed. I had my second ultrasound done also. Bebe looks good and most importantly the placenta has moved out of the way, just as predicted by me, and I am in the clear to deliver this bebe "normally". Same thing that happened with Parker.

I have Bear take this belly evolution picture each month of the pregnancy to lay them all out together to see the changes. As you may have noticed I have been wearing the same outfit for these pictures. Parker has realized when we are doing this and says his famous line "i do" or "i doed (dude)" and wants to get in the shot with me. He naturally sees me touch the belly (or should I say baby Ella, which is what Parker has decided to name the baby and insists it's a girl) and follows right along.

Here are the 2 pictures from the ultrasound. One is of the bebe with it's mouth open and hand/thumb inserted. The dark spot by the fingers is the actual open mouth. The other is a side profile of chest, chin, lips, nose and head.

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