Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Pictures

Bebe Ole's first photos

Profile Picture-cute little nose, hand up under it's chin.
Alien Face-you are looking from a top angle. Head looks like a cone, eye sockets, nose and pointy chin

Spine from the flip side. And a leg with a foot.

We had our ultrasound today. It was fun to see the little person growing inside me "face to face". The technician got some great pictures for us to take home (and post and scrap). The baby was "very wiggly" she said. It was amazing when she pushed on it that it started moving all over place. Everything with the baby looks good. Measuring small but said it was normal due to all the vomiting. Since I haven't gained much weight yet and that it would catch up. The heartrate was 144 bpm. One minor problem is that the placenta has yet again attached itself really low in my uterus. Which most likely means another ultrasound further down the road to be sure it has moved out of the way so delivery can take place "normally" and that I won't need a c-section. I'll just remind myself that it started this way with Parker and turned out just find.

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Chanda said...

I know it's a little early but are you registered any where yet or do you need anything right away?