Friday, September 7, 2007

18 Weeks

Today is the 18th week of pregnancy. Wow, this has gone by A LOT faster than with Parker. Maybe it's because I am so busy with him that I don't have time to realize the days turn into weeks and we are almost to the half way point. 2 more weeks until the ultrasound. The burning question from everyone is...Are you finding out the sex of the baby? No we are not. We didn't with Parker and don't have the desire to know what this one is. I think not knowing is the fun part. I love hearing peoples theories about how to find out. We don't want to find out but let's hear them!
Q: Carrying high or low?
A: all over-especially my butt
Q:What's the heartrate?
A: it's different every time I go in for a check up, 160 bpm
Q: Are you feeling different this time
A: yes and no-sick in the beginning, not as long but much worse

I posted a guessing game for all who want to participate in the poll. No charge, just a game to see who is the closest. Look for the ExpectNet game on the right side of the screen and follow the directions to post your guess.

Also, there is a baby name poll. Pick your favorite-of the 4 names Bear and I have picked out-just curious to which ones people like more.

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