Friday, September 28, 2007

20 & 21 Weeks

20 weeks pregnant. As you may see, I am officially sporting the "bump". I went from "I didn't know you were pregnant" to "Oh, look at the belly". And the belly has become public property now with people poking at it and touching it.

I changed my mind, being pregnant means I can do that right? I took baby name Lila off the list and added Neela. Lila was losing by a landslide and after watching ER last night I decided I really like Neela. Plus the girl almost died on the show so that deserves a little recognition!

Not sure if second pregnancies mean you get to register again
for baby gear but I did. The second
time around you learn a lot about what you need and what you don't. I realized we "had to have" 4 things and added them to the target registry! I would have added diapers and Gerber nuks but they aren't available online so I'll do that next time I am near a Target.

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