Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Emmitt!

There is a first time for everything! And I'm not talking eating cereal out of a bowl without using a spoon. I'm talking about a little brother picking the exact same birthday party theme as his big brother. That has never happened. And I'm not so sure it'll happen again. But hey, I'm not complaining. It was very easy, I had all the decor ready to go and the ideas for the cupcakes already planned. Oooh, and I'll get to scrapbook both boys' pages with similar layouts and paper. Mom win!

The morning of Emmitt's birthday he was served Cocoa Puffs as his Kibble in a dog dish. He pounded it.

It's crazy every year how much he really changes, but this year there is a big difference. More and more boy looking and less baby face.

We celebrated with family at our house on President's Day. The boys had back to back hockey games over the weekend in two different countries. We just couldn't hold his birthday on the 13th...Friday the 13th nonetheless.

Guests were served "Toilet Water" to wash down their pupcakes.

Bone Appetit everyone! Enjoy a dog biscuit on your pupcake.

Don't forget to Fetch your utensil and wipe your paws! Oh and be sure to enjoy some puppy chow along the way!

Auntie Tammy loves the puppy chow and these goofballs. Pretty sure Uncle Scott taught Parker the "hide your finger up your nose" trick. 

Here we go...really turning seven when you blow out all the candles and the family has sung, "Emmitt has a birthday, Emmitt has a birthday, one year older than he was before." 

Happy seventh birthday Emmitt.  

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