Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lefse, Lutefisk and Love!

Lutefisk! Lefse! Love!
We attended our third Lutefisk feed with Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie Tolle. We drove 50 mph through freezing rain and slippery roads for gloppy fish. Yep, we are true Minnesotans. Or Norwegians. Parker referred to it a couple of years ago as "lunafish" and the name has stuck. He also didn't care for it and stick sticks to the meatball platter. But Emmitt gobbles it right up like his dad and Grandpa. Yep, he just pours the butter all over it and scrapes his plate clean. I manage to get down one spoonful and call it good.
Now Lefse! Parker pounds the Lefse! He's mastered the art of making it and knows the hard work and hours that go into it. He's quick to judge the thinness too. But he's the master butterer and sugar spreader for the table. Lefse is by far one of my favorite Christmas goodies!
And this guy. Yeah the dude in the middle. It's his fault we all love this food! Papa Milo has started this tradition! He is the ring leader in our Lefse making day and Lutefisk seeking adventures. It's something I love about him. He's a traditional guy like me. Loves doing the same activity year after year and creating layers of memories.
The little desserts that follow the plate of Lutefisk, Lefse, cranberries, pickles, coleslaw, buns, pickled beets, mashed potatoes, rutabagas, green beans and meatballs are amazing! They are these little bits of sugared air dusted in more sugar! Sooo yummy!
Dad fits right in and glops it right on his plate and slurps it down! You may not know it but this guy loves tradition as me! Love that he dives right in next to me making memories.
Me and the little dude. As you can see from the background of the pic we are one of the younger tables that attend. We did however have young waitstaff and Emmitt claims he wants to work at Littlefork Lutheran church next year at the feast!
Auntie Tolle getting her fill of meatballs and lovings from the Emmitt.
Until next year Lutefisk! We'll miss you. Sort of.

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