Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Puppy Boy!

Our sweet nine year old made good on his word. Last year he debated on a puppy party but chose hunting/camo instead. He just kept pushing the puppy theme out and I thought for sure it would never happen. Or that maybe he would pick dogs instead of puppies. I wasn't sure if puppies were too babyish or if his love of puppies (his puppy) would win out. It did. He is so sweet! He loves tiny things, baby puppies, small versions of big stuffed animals he already has. 
So I went for it! We were short on time when he finally decided on his theme. So the dollar store had to come through for me. I have never really minded buying table clothes, plates, napkins or silverware from the dollar store, but much other than that is pretty much crap in my eyes.
But low and behold their picture frames aren't too bad and they even have a pet aisle! I was floored!
I spent a total of $20 on decorations. The signs I designed and printed out myself. I even found a little All Star puppy sweatshirt for his new stuffed animal. 
Parker woke up to puppy paw prints all over the floor of the house leading him to his breakfast...his own bowl of Kibbles and Bits. Cocoa Puffs look amazingly like dog food when served in a dog dish!
I had the table all set up for the party. Including dog dishes of napkins--Wipe Your Paws, silverware--Fetch!, Bone Appetit (just may be my favorite), and a big ol' bowl of puppy chow!

When the time came he did what he typically does ONLY on his birthday when being sung to...he got shy. His face is so adorable and sweet when this is happening. Melts my heart!
 He did manage to blow out all nine of his candles but it took a good couple of breaths to get them out. He's getting old enough that the girlfriend comments truly embarrass him
 I usually go all out on the cupcakes. Or pupcakes this year. But I was able to just frost and use a Scooby Snack bone shaped graham cracker for decoration. I had quite a few people ask me if it was a real bone! It may say more about me than I want to know. I also used an oreo for the paw pad and three milk duds for the toe pads. It looked like a tiny puppy paw.
The puppy chow was a hit for the kids and the adults! I don't think I have ever made it but somehow had the recipe for it. It turned out great and was super easy!
 And one of the funniest stations of the night was the "toilet water." The kids got a huge kick out of this! The adults thought it was pretty funny too.  
 The party was a success, the theme was adored and the birthday boy totally approved. I wish I could freeze time at this age because it totally fun! It's crazy, busy, fun but I love it!
The boy and his puppy. 

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