Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Are Junior Rangers!

 My boys really do love any kind of "aminols." They spotted these new additions at the Rainy Lake Visitors Center and scooped them right up!

They carried them around for part of their activity book. Making sure they could see what project they were working on.
 Parker quickly learned that there was more to becoming a Junior Ranger than asking for a badge and a stamp! His booklet proved to be a good challenge for him. Lots of thinking involved in regards to protecting our resources. I was surprised to hear that he's actually been listening on those hikes in the park!
Even Emmitt was quick to answer his own booklet's questions. His hand got sore at one point from all that coloring so daddy helped him out.

Filling in all those letters was a challenge. Here's me tracing one in the air for him to figure out. I was sort of refusing to give him the answers.

All done with his booklet and ready to be sworn into his new "position."
So cute to see this! The boys being sworn in by one of our outstanding volunteers.
And a round of high fives to make it final.
Really proud of his badge. He noticed right away that it looks like mom's. When I asked him if he liked being a ranger, he said yes! Then he followed it up with, "I want to be one when I grow up." I quickly asked him if he wanted to be a "police-type of ranger" or a "story-teller-type of ranger." He said a story-teller...well folks, we may just have a future interpreter on our hands.
Emmitt quickly noticed that his badge was bigger than Ranger Lowthian's.

On the way home we saw a couple of deer that "must have been here because we are Rangers now" says Parker!

It's official! Now we just need to start planning our National Parks vacations!

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