Saturday, July 13, 2013

4th of July

Our Fourth of July was full of flags, food, family, friends and fun!
The boys got together with a few friends and decorated their bikes for the kiddie parade. They had a blast and were officially the big boys who helped the little dudes!
 Parker, Easton, Emmitt and Jasper
They rode together a majority of the parade. Jasper got side tracked by Grandma on the side of the road but the older 3 made it the whole parade. Lots of fun!

 The Girls. We worked our good sides, our not so good sides and in and out of birth order. We are just lucky we got a great shot of all 5 of us. It doesn't happen often!
 The Lepper Family came North for the 4th. They have a new family member, Cooper a black Goldendoodle. He and Bella hit it off good!
 Pete was a great big cousin during the kid races. I stood on one side waiting with the boys to start their race and Pete waited for them on the other end. He was so encouraging and rewarding at the end that it was priceless to see!

 Uncle Chris found this awesome hat for our little penguin man. He wore it the rest of the day! Even penguins like to slide on the slip-n-slide right?! Of course they do.

 Our new lounger chairs were a big hit! Multiple people kicked back and relaxed in them. Emma is famous for falling asleep just about anywhere. She managed to sneak a snooze in after lunch in a garage full of people visiting.
 We all enjoyed the refreshing water at some point! Even the puppies hopped in the cool water. Baby Drew managed to drink quite a bit of it too!

 Cousins from both sides of the family played together outside. Trampoline-n-Water balloon fights were a huge hit. If they don't break on the first try, they don't hit the ground, so it's just as much fun throwing them all over again.
 Great friends, Janet and Paula.
 Sisters Peg and Linda
 Auntie Tammy and Emma Rae
 Becks and Momma
 Jessalynn and Drew-man
 Debs and Becks
 Uncle Jimmy was "innocently" sprayed with a water gun and was off the deck faster than I've ever seen him move. He went right for the hose and got even with all the kids!

 They each have come up with a self cooling system.
 Uncle Bart stayed all the way through the fire works. He even got extra snuggles from the boys and made sure to bond with Emmitt over their mutual love of penguins.

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