Saturday, June 22, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend: Started with fishing and ended with a surprise visit from my Aunt Bernadette and Uncle Myron. They don't make it way up north very often and when they do, it's extra special. Bernadette and Parker share the same birth date. His first Christmas she gave him an ornament and wrote their birthdays on the back. He remembers it every year when we pull it out of the box to hang on the tree. We made sure we captured her visit. Emmitt being the little lover he is, made sure to get in a pic too! I made sure to remind the boys that my Aunt Bernadette is Grandma Audrey's sister! They thought that was pretty cool!

We decided to take the kids fishing. We lasted about an hour. Between the wind, the puppy and the children, the whole combination wasn't great. It wasn't awful, but we decided we don't want to run out and buy a boat anytime soon. Someday.

The coolest part (other than the ice cream cone on the way home) was the snake that was hanging out by our minnow bucket. We tossed it a minnow and managed to capture the meal on video.
(please ignore the stick poking, blaming of the wrong child, etc...)

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