Thursday, June 27, 2013

And he rides...

 Last night my baby conquered the two wheeler. He has tried before with not a lot of confidence. Last night he had it all and boy did he fly! I helped him on the ride to the outdoor hockey rink just down the road and he had a few good stretches where he could do it. By the time we got to the rink it didn't take long for him to make a full loop. We then had to practice breaking! He kept sticking his feet out and dragging his heals, on the verge of out of control, to stop.

By the time we headed back home, he was biking and has his big brother there to remind him about intersections and looking both ways. Parker tells him, "it's okay buddy, you'll learn the rules soon." Parker has been a great big brother to look up to. He is always encouraging and reminding Emmitt that he had to learn when he was little.

I think you can say he is a bit happy about his new found freedom! He was so proud of himself. I love how willing he was to try. He takes a bit more persuading that his brother did.
I think he has the least conventional way of starting, but it works and he doesn't need a push...enjoy the show.

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