Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jinkies! Zoinks! Ra-Ro!

Halloween 2012!  What a night to remember! We started the week off with carving our huge home (Loman) grown pumpkins.  So huge that Emmitt still fit in one and Parker half fit.  Next year he says we need to cut the top bigger so he can get in.  I don't think he realizes that he may have outgrown the pumpkins.    We had a great mess all over the kitchen and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We really struggled with coming up with a new family themed idea this year.  We had lots of options, but just none that really stuck with us.  We stuck with the original plan of Scooby Doo.  Emmitt and Parker both wanted to be Scooby for quite awhile, but the costume was borrowed and only fit Emmitt.  Problem solved.  Parker then became Shaggy.  Really was not sure about his wig and both Halloween parties he attended he wore his cowboy costume!  But every body that saw us trick-or-treating commented on how great his wig was!  And the little goatee was pretty radical dude!  I was Daphne.  With a horrid orange wig!  Freddie (AKA Dad) had a neon yellow mullet wig that he boycotted the night of Halloween and decided to just drive us around in plain clothes!  We'll be selling this set of costumes real soon!  The kids still enjoy having us dress up in a group and I am all for it!  One year they are going to moan and groan that they don't want us we better take it while we can get it. 

 The highlight that they are going to remember is this is the night we got our Bella.  

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