Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Introducing Miss Bella

We had puppy sat 2 adorable Golden Doodles last weekend.  6 weeks old.  One black boy and one gold girl.  Dad was gone to the shack and I wanted to see just how the boys did with the responsibility of taking care of puppies.  Parker really did great.  He picked up poop in the yard, wiped up messes off the floor, played, cuddled and cried when we brought them back to their owner.  Emmitt wanted to snuggle his (black boy) but when it came time to having to let him out or watch him, he wasn't that in to it.  Parker and I had to pick up the slack.

After the weekend I was totally hooked and wanting them both.  I made a list of pros and cons to discuss with the anti-dog man in my life.  I had told the boys from the beginning that Dad was the one that we had to convince, not me.  Parker and I presented the list to Bear last night and he considered it.  Once the boys were in bed we really had to discuss it.  I was actually nervous about talking to my husband about it!  I think because deep down inside I knew I really didn't stand a chance in that discussion.  I had been quizzing people with dogs all week about what they really love and hate about their dogs.  Things like hair and poop and sitters when you are gone, but then the other side was companionship for the boys, responsibility, lifelong friends, and fun!  The bonus is that Golden Doodles don't shed!  So after going to bed with the final verdict of absolutely not two dogs and possibly not even one, I chose to go forward with just the one.  The golden girl who won my heart the first day I saw her.  The one who peed on the mat almost the whole weekend we had her, the one with that tiny little face and those blue eyes.  A girl to live in this house full of boys with me.

I presented an option to Bear today and he went for it.  I decided to call the owner and let her know we would be by to trick-or-treat and when the boys went to the door, she could hand them the puppy instead of candy.  It took them a bit to figure out we were for real and that Miss Bella was coming home with us.  It was totally priceless!

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