Tuesday, September 13, 2011

McCarthy 2011: Part Three

Or Trois we should say...since thanks to Auntie Becky giving Emma the Katy Perry song, Last Friday Night, she now knows what a Ménage à trois is. So sorry about that Debs! In my defense she has had French class.
So we have been rained on the last 2 years at McCarthy the last weekend of July. This year that week was totally gorgeous (and my family of four took a vacation to Vagabond Village) and the Lepper's and the Olson's had booked the last weekend of August. Brrrr. Windy and chilly. But we did manage to spend one day at the beach. Well more like a morning. It was like a switch and somebody cranked up the wind factor and chased us all out of there.
But as always, we had a blast. The kids still tend to divide into pairs. Peter and Parker go off fishing together, while Emmitt hangs on Emma where ever she goes. In the mornings when he wakes up, he normally comes to momma for his snuggles, except when his Emma is around. They all sat around the fire together, went exploring together and this year was just that much easier. We brought our kids' bikes and that helped with the "long" trip to the bathroom up the path.
Emma got to practice driving a bit. She has her permit and taught me what a PRNDL is! Chris had to meet with some students in Tower and Bear just happened to get dropped off at Fortune Bay for the morning. He didn't want Chris to drive alone of course!
We would put the kids to bed in the camper together watching classic movies, like Iron Will, on the car DVD players and fed them until they were full. They slept great and it gave us adults a chance to sit up around the fire and enjoy a beverage (or two) and each others company.
We had some super funny and memorable moments throughout the weekend: Like setting up the giant food tent. Me kicking the fire pit when I freaked after seeing a spider on my shirt. Debs not remembering what I told her I was getting her for Christmas!! Pete crying and flipping out on the family canoe ride, the huge perch Peter caught off the dock and then recreating the picture of his dad when he really did catch a monster this summer. My little boys fishing in their underwear. Eating our fish fry in the dark! Hiding our adult beverages when the Ranger drove by on patrol. Remembering that we are old and the group that moved in the following night is the group the Ranger needs to be worried about. Me killing the battery on my car again just trying to keep the iPod going for us. The look on my husbands face when he knew I killed the car battery on yet another camping trip. Teaching Emma how to jump start a car properly. Chris bringing out Justin Case to help us. Uncle Chris' ghost stories (if the log rolls over, we're all gonna die!) Our homemade pee pee, tee pee! And of course Parker showing each and every one of us up on how great of a marshmallow roaster he was! We will always cherish this weekend away with this family. Trois cheers to years to come!

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