Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall faves

Just had to post a few of my faves...
After school pics last week, the boys were all dressed up cute and willing to let me take some recent pictures of them. It paid off...they are changing so quickly still. Parker is literally growing before our eyes. And Emmitt is turning into the almost 4 year old that he is. Big boy!
Parker's front teeth are coming in. The picture below of the two of them makes me smile, because Parker is soooo chapped on his mouth. Kindergarten must require some major concentration because he is always licking, biting or chewing on his bottom lip!
And Emmitt has a huge gash that is in the process of healing in his picture. He took a huge tumble behind the couch in the basement and the tongue and groove wall contacting his forehead is what slowed his fall down. So needless to say, did I pay for the $10 photo touch up option for the school pictures? Heck NO! I want to remember why they looked like this! Because they are cute, busy, crazy little boys!

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