Monday, August 29, 2011

the other man in my life

We spent our 10th Wedding Anniversary out at Sha-Sha with all of our parents. We snapped a few pictures, not one of the hubs and I was taken though. But Bear did take one of me...and the other man in my life. The man who walked me down the aisle 10 years ago, August 18th. The man who cried the morning of my anniversary this year, thanking me for allowing him to be such a huge part of his life. The man who said his head was so far up in the clouds that day and that he couldn't believe how lucky he was. The man who said he almost busted with pride when I asked him to walk me down the aisle. The man who bought me my wedding dress. The man who held my hand for almost all the years of my existence and then graciously handed it over to my husband. The man who knew he wasn't losing his daughter, but gaining a son. The man who has been in my life longer than any other man. The man who tells a bad joke every time we are together. The man who I run to when something goes wrong with my car, or my furnace, or my garage door opener. The man who calls to check on me after every trip we take on the road. The man who spoils my boys rotten (all three of them) and will forever "beg" me for a granddaughter, so he can have another little girl with blond hair and big brown eyes. The man who sends a "thinking of you" card to all of my sisters when our biological father dies, because he truly cares. The man I love as much as life itself. The man I call Dad. My Milo.

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